Cataract Surgery on Long Island

Cataracts, which commonly come with age, cloud the eyes’ lenses and can cause blindness if not treated. Cataract surgery is recommended to restore your vision and prevent blindness. On Long Island, Weinstein Refractive offers the removal of cataracts in a safe and simple procedure with the implantation of artificial lenses to give you excellent vision following cataract surgery.

What is cataract surgery?

Since cataracts affect the lens itself, the entire lens must be removed to treat the effects of cataracts. Most often, cataract surgery entails a process called phacoemulsification, in which a small incision is made in your cornea and the surgeon uses an ultrasonic probe to break up the diseased lens before suctioning away the pieces. Dr. Lewis J. Weinstein is a specialist in phacoemulsification.

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Cataract Surgery with Lens Implant

Dr. Lewis J. Weinstein is a specialist in the placement of intraocular lens implants during cataract surgery. His Long Island practice is a destination for those wishing to reap the benefits of cataract removal with none of yesterday’s disadvantages. Dr. Weinstein personally evaluates and operates on all cataract surgery patients, as well as conducting all post-operative treatment.

In the past, cataract surgery meant that people had to rely on thick eyeglasses for the rest of their life. However, it’s now common to have artificial lenses implanted into your eye during cataract surgery, replacing the diseased lenses.

Recently developed lens implants, including Crystalens®, ReZoom™, ReSTOR®, and the TECNIS™ IOL, each have distinct advantages and allow a high percentage of patients to see well without contacts or glasses following cataract surgery.

Intraocular lens implants are easily placed during cataract surgery through the same self-sealing incision through which the diseased lenses are removed. While these intraocular lens implants are designed to provide good vision for the rest of your life with no maintenance, they can be removed or replaced at a later date if, for example, your vision changes.


The TECNIS™ IOL (intraocular lens) is an exciting development for cataract surgery patients, for several reasons.

First, this bifocal lens implant is the first and only bifocal lens implant to be approved by the FDA to improve functional vision in a range of light conditions — that is, to allow the patient to read in low light, safely drive at night, and otherwise enjoy life and the benefits of good vision.  

Secondly, the TECNIS™ IOL was designed to correct spherical aberration. In other words, its lens surface is designed to mimic the way younger peoples’ lenses and corneas work together. The result is a superior multifocal system that essentially turns back the clock, undoing the damage that time has wrought on the structures within your eyes.

Cataracts are associated with an increase in car accident frequency, and intraocular implants such as the TECNIS™ IOL and ReZoom™ typically bring a 50 percent decrease in car crashes. Therefore, cataract surgery will not only save your vision and potentially keep you safe, but it may help ensure the safety of others.

Please note: the TECNIS™ IOL is not approved in the United States for bifocal use.

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Cataract Surgery at Weinstein Refractive Center

Based in Long Island, Dr. Weinstein is a specialist in the phacoemulsification process of safely breaking up and removing cataracts, and the implantation of artificial lenses to grant you excellent vision. Contact Weinstein Refractive Center today for cataract surgery with a skilled specialist.

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Cataract surgery at our Long Island practice is performed by Dr. Weinstein, a specialist in the procedure and in the implantation of artificial lenses. Contact us today for premier, personalized care.

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