Long Island - Managing LASIK Surgery Cost with Financing Options

If you live on Long Island and are worried about the LASIK surgery cost or paying for any other eye care services at Weinstein Refractive Center, you will breathe easier after educating yourself on the variety of financing plans available. We accept several options that make it easy to undergo the surgical procedure that can change your life.

In addition to the payment plans detailed below, Weinstein Refractive Center accepts all major credit cards including Discover®, Visa®, and MasterCard®.

Flex Plan

A health care flexible spending account, or flex plan, is an excellent way to manage the LASIK surgery cost and to ultimately save money on your procedure by paying with pre-tax funds.

A flex plan allows you to avoid paying FICA (7.65 percent) and federal income tax (10 to 25 percent) on qualified healthcare expenses incurred by you, your spouse, or your dependents. LASIK surgery is a qualifying expense.

The plan works like this: Each pay period you will elect to have a certain amount withheld from your paycheck, and your employer will deduct this amount. You pay no FICA or federal income tax on this amount, and the funds are held in an account in your name until it is time to pay your health care expenses.

Enrollment restrictions do apply. Employers typically have only one short enrollment period each year, and you must plan ahead and act quickly when enrollment opens.

With a little planning, a flex plan is a great way to save money when paying for health care expenses, including vision correction. If you are planning to undergo LASIK surgery and are worried about the cost, be sure to ask your employer about a flexible spending account.

At our Long Island practice, we encourage LASIK surgery patients concerned with the cost of the surgery to investigate a flexible spending account. To learn more about this and other methods of financing refractive surgery, contact our laser vision correction center today.

Financing Available

We have now partnered with CARECREDIT.COM and MyMedicalLoan.com to offer our patients more options in choosing the payment plan that best suits their individual needs. These payment options can be used for either Lasik or refractive lenses.

Through CARECREDIT.COM we are offering 0% financing for up to 12 months.

Both CARECREDIT.COM and MYMEDICALLOAN.COM offer excellent customer service, fast approval and no prepayment penalties. Both companies will work with you to find the payment plan that specifically will meet your financial needs.

You can apply for your loan by utilizing the weblinks provided for you on our website.

My Medical Loan   My Medical Loan

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Long Island residents, LASIK surgery cost has been made easy to manage through various financing options! Contact Weinstein Refractive today so you can enjoy rewarding and affordable refractive surgery.

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