The LASIK Eye Surgery Experience at our Long Island Practice

Personalized care defines the LASIK eye surgery experience at our Long Island practice. Individualized attention is built into every step of the process of refractive surgery at our practice, starting from your complimentary evaluation and consultation with Dr. Lewis J. Weinstein.

Your Consultation and LASIK Evaluation

Your LASIK eye surgery experience begins with a complimentary, one-on-one evaluation and consultation with Dr. Lewis J. Weinstein. This is your chance to ask the doctor any questions you may have.

It is during this evaluation that Dr. Weinstein will give you a comprehensive eye exam, combining his extensive experience with the latest technology. This examination determines the health of your eyes and tells the doctor whether you are a suitable candidate for LASIK eye surgery. At our Long Island practice, we honestly assess your suitability for LASIK surgery and have other refractive surgery options available if something precludes you from undergoing LASIK.

During your LASIK evaluation, Dr. Weinstein will utilize WaveScan™, topography, and Orbscan® technology to map your eyes. This comprehensive exam includes refraction, a slit lamp exam, dilated exam, and an eye pressure exam (tonometry). Each of these tests gives Dr. Weinstein important insight into your visual health and the ways LASIK or another refractive procedure can help you.

Be aware that you cannot wear soft contact lenses at all on the day of your LASIK evaluation. Additionally, if you wear hard, gas-permeable contact lenses, you must take them out three weeks prior to your evaluation.

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Preparing for LASIK Eye Surgery

Prior to LASIK eye surgery at our Long Island practice, you cannot wear soft contact lenses for one week. If you wear hard contacts, you must take them out three weeks before surgery, or even longer due to individual eye variations. Dr. Lewis J. Weinstein will inform you of your individual requirements.

Dr. Weinstein will provide you with special eye drops to use starting two days prior to surgery.

Keep in mind that you will need a driver to transport you to and from your LASIK surgery, so arrange this well in advance.

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The Day of LASIK Surgery

On the day of LASIK eye surgery, plan to spend an hour at Dr. Lewis J. Weinstein’s office. The actual procedure takes 15 minutes, and most patients are out and about three to four hours after surgery.

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Post-Operative Care

Following your LASIK surgery, Dr. Lewis J. Weinstein will instruct you in post-operative care for the health and comfort of your eyes. Your first post-operative checkup will take place the morning after surgery.

In total, you will see Dr. Weinstein two to four times for post-operative checkups. However, the doctor is always available to answer your questions or to see you as necessary.

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The Weinstein Difference

When you choose to undergo LASIK eye surgery at our Long Island office, Dr. Lewis J. Weinstein will provide you with personalized, expert care from start to finish. The doctor meets with you during your consultation; performs your comprehensive pre-surgery exam and evaluation; performs your precise, custom LASIK surgery; and monitors your healing process.

Weinstein Refractive is a solo, family-oriented practice. Dr. Weinstein has been in private practice since 1982, and has always been on the cutting edge of new LASIK techniques. Each step of your LASIK surgery process will be performed in-office, with no need for extra traveling.

The most important thing to remember is when you choose Weinstein Refractive, you are choosing one doctor who will care for you and all of your ophthalmological needs.

Contact our LASIK vision correction center on Long Island today to get started on your own Weinstein LASIK eye surgery experience!

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LASIK eye surgery at our Long Island practice is an individualized process. Contact us today to learn more about what sets us apart from other LASIK surgery providers.

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