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Long Island Laser Refractive Eye Surgery — Weinstein Refractive Center

Located on Long Island, Weinstein Refractive Center offers refractive surgery options, including LASIK eye surgery, backed by premier training and decades of experience. Dr. Lewis J. Weinstein combines superior results with the utmost commitment to patient care. 

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Lewis Weinstein of Weinstein Refractive Center — Long Island LASIK Surgeon and Eye Doctor

Dr. Lewis J. Weinstein of Weinstein Refractive Center offers refractive surgery, custom LASIK surgery, cataract surgery, and refractive lens exchange at his state-of-the-art, family-oriented, solo practice, where he is the exclusive provider of care to his patients.

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LASIK Refractive Surgery

Serving Long Island and Suffolk County, Weinstein Refractive Center provides hope for many patients with vision problems by offering several refractive surgery options, including custom LASIK. Custom LASIK at our practice uses all the most advanced technology to map your eyes, treat your individual refractive errors, and reduce the chance of side effects.  

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The Weinstein Refractive Center LASIK Experience

The LASIK eye surgery experience at our Long Island practice is marked by individualized, expert attention before, during, and after your refractive surgery. Read more about what makes LASIK surgery at our practice comfortable, customized, and highly effective.

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Other Refractive Surgery Procedures — LASEK, PRK, and AK

LASEK surgery and other refractive surgery procedures such as PRK and AK can provide vision correction to those who are not good candidates for LASIK, or simply desire other solutions to their visual challenges.

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Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a must for those with clouding in their eyes’ lenses. Dr. Lewis J. Weinstein is a specialist in phacoemulsification and the implantation of artificial lenses during cataract surgery, so you can enjoy excellent vision following cataract removal.

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Bifocal Lens Implants — Crystalens®, ReSTOR®, and ReZoom™ IOL

Bifocal lens implants such as Crystalens®, ReZoom™, and the ReSTOR® IOL restore the vision of patients with cataracts, presbyopia, and other conditions that compromise the operation of your eyes’ natural lenses. We offer a variety of IOLs at Weinstein Refractive Center and can recommend the one that is best for you. 

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Refractive Surgery Technology at Weinstein Eye

Refractive surgery at our Long Island practice is enhanced by our use of cutting-edge technology, including Orbscan® pre-op testing, the VISX® Star 4 excimer laser system, WaveScan™, and CustomVue™.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Refractive Surgery

Here, we answer some commonly asked questions about eye anatomy, common vision problems, and the refractive surgery procedures offered at Weinstein Refractive Center.

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Financing Options at Weinstein Refractive Center

Long Island residents worried about LASIK surgery cost need only to get acquainted with our range of financing options. Various payment plans accepted by Weinstein Refractive Center can put vision correction surgery within your reach.  

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Contact Our Long Island Laser Vision Correction Center – Weinstein Refractive

Contact Weinstein Refractive Center on Long Island if you are interested in LASIK or another type of refractive surgery. Our LASIK surgeon has the experience and knowledge to make your refractive surgery convenient, comfortable, affordable, and effective – and we offer free consultations to make it easy to get started.

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Weinstein Refractive on Long Island offers refractive surgery procedures, from custom LASIK to PRK and AK, as well as other vision correction procedures. Contact us today to get started.

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