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Dr. Weinstein's Commack office has now been relocated to OCLI’s Huntington–Park Avenue office, located at 755 Park Avenue, Suite 100, Huntington, NY 11743!

OCLI Vision is a world-renowned, multi-location ophthalmology practice known for its unwavering commitment to delivering the most advanced eye care. We are excited that Dr. Weinstein is now part of our outstanding Huntington-Park Avenue team and we hope you’ll continue to receive your eye care with him at his new OCLI location.

To schedule your next appointment at the new OCLI Huntington–Park Avenue office, call 631-499-3733.


Weinstein Refractive Center – The Practice of Long Island LASIK Surgeon Lewis Weinstein, Eye Doctor

Dr. WeinsteinRanked among the top 100 ophthalmic surgeons in the country, Dr. Lewis Weinstein is a Long Island native who has treated patients for over 40 years. The Weinstein Refractive Center, Dr. Weinstein’s Long Island practice, offers the latest methods in cataract and laser refractive surgery.

Dr. Weinstein performs all LASIK procedures at his state-of-the-art facility in Commack, NY. All cataract surgeries are performed as an outpatient at his Brentwood, NY surgical Center.

Dr. Weinstein has watched the practice of ophthalmology improve and evolve since opening his first office in 1982. At the Weinstein Refractive Center, Dr. Weinstein’s commitment to leading edge technology and advanced surgical techniques is only surpassed by his dedication to personal patient care.

Dr. Weinstein personally evaluates each patient’s needs. He is committed to fully informing each patient and provides peace of mind, not just treatment. Being in a solo practice, Dr. Weinstein is the only physician who will handle your eye care from start to finish. Beginning with your private consultation to your checkups during post-surgery healing, Dr. Weinstein be will providing your care.

Dr. Weinstein feels that educating patients about their treatment options is an important part of patient care.  This website as created to provide you with information to make an informed decision about cataract, LASIK, and other types of refractive surgeries.

In the time it takes you to review this website, you could undergo laser vision correction.  – Dr. Lewis J. Weinstein

Dr. Weinstein is a board-certified ophthalmologist. He is a lifetime fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and a member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.  Dr. Weinstein graduated cum laude from the six year medical honors program at Boston University. Dr. Weinstein is affiliated with Northwell Health.

Dr. Weinstein is always looking for new ways to make better vision available for everyone. Weinstein Refractive Center is now offering 0% payment plans on LASIK procedures. 

Contact Weinstein Refractive Center

If you live on or near Long Island and are seeking a LASIK eye surgeon or doctor, Weinstein Refractive Center will provide you with a successful resolution of any and all of your visual challenges. Our center utilizes the most advanced technology and offers advanced LASIK techniques, other types of refractive surgery, and cataract surgery.

Contact our laser vision correction center today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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I have been going to Dr Weinstein for years and I love him! Finally did LASIK and it was the best decision of my life. I'm a few months out now and I am doing and seeing great!

-Michelle M.
Commack, NY

The Weinstein Refractive Center