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Dr. Weinstein's Commack office has now been relocated to OCLI’s Huntington–Park Avenue office, located at 755 Park Avenue, Suite 100, Huntington, NY 11743!

OCLI Vision is a world-renowned, multi-location ophthalmology practice known for its unwavering commitment to delivering the most advanced eye care. We are excited that Dr. Weinstein is now part of our outstanding Huntington-Park Avenue team and we hope you’ll continue to receive your eye care with him at his new OCLI location.

To schedule your next appointment at the new OCLI Huntington–Park Avenue office, call 631-499-3733.


A Laser Eye Surgeon
With Over Four
Decades of Experience

Learn More about Dr. Lewis Weinstein

The Weinstein Refractive Center is proud to offer advanced laser cataract surgery using the Catalys® Precision Laser System.

Comprehensive, Streamlined Care

The Weinstein Refractive Center is a solo practice which was founded in 1982. Each laser eye surgery, including pre-operative testing and follow-up care, is personally handled by Dr. Lewis Weinstein. This allows him to raise care to an incredibly high standard, from start to finish. LASIK surgery and other refractive procedures are performed in his Commack, NY, office using advanced technology. For cataract surgery patients, he partners with a state-of-the-art surgical facility about 15 minutes away. 

Meet Dr. Lewis Weinstein

Dr. Lewis Weinstein
Dr. Lewis Weinstein

Dr. Weinstein is a Long Island native who is passionate about serving the community he grew up in. A board-certified ophthalmologist who specializes in all forms of refractive surgery, he pioneered widespread access to advanced care in the area. In fact, he was the first LASIK eye surgeon on Long Island and has performed the procedure at our office since 1995. He continues to invest in the latest advances in the field to provide the safest treatment and most predictable outcomes. Dr. Weinstein also remains committed to continuing education and trains other ophthalmologists in LASIK surgery techniques. 

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Mission Statement

The Weinstein Refractive Center is a solo practice. From the time patients first come into the office through the completion of their follow-up care, everything is personally handled by Dr. Weinstein.

Featured Procedures

Cataract Surgery

Commonly associated with age, cataracts affect the lens of the eye and lead to blurred vision. Dr. Weinstein offers advanced intraocular lenses for unparalleled clarity, such as Crystalens® and TECNIS™.

Learn More About Cataract Surgery


At Weinstein Refractive Center, Dr. Weinstein invests in the best technology available to provide impressive results with a lower chance of visual side effects.

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One of the most trusted and commonly performed refractive procedures, LASIK can treat the effects of astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. All LASIK procedures are performed in office.

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Weinstein performed the LASIK procedure on me a few years ago. The results have been absolutely incredible. Ever since the procedure, I have seen 20/20 with no side effects. I hold the highest regard for Dr. Weinstein and his practice.

-Brian G.

I have been seeing Dr. Weinstein for 25 years and he saved my eyesight.  I had laser treatment for bleeding blood vessels and a cataract removed. He is the most compassionate man. Thank you Dr. Weinstein for all of your hard work. 

-Nancy R.

Catalys Precision Laser System

The Catalys Precision Laser System was designed specifically to perform laser cataract surgery by leading cataract experts from around the world. Using cutting-edge femtosecond laser technology, the Catalys system offers safer, more accurate treatment than traditional methods. This translates to impressive results and better surgical outcomes for patients. With this advanced system, Dr. Weinstein can develop a precise treatment plan customized to your exact needs.   

Please tell us about your experience so we can continue improving the standard of our care.

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I have been going to Dr Weinstein for years and I love him! Finally did LASIK and it was the best decision of my life. I'm a few months out now and I am doing and seeing great!

-Michelle M.
Commack, NY

The Weinstein Refractive Center